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(Bizen Tea Ceremony Chawan by Kimura Yukei) This is a very nice Bizen chawan by the renowned 14th generation Kimura Chojuro Yukei (d.1975). The bowl is very well made and fired and hads a smooth finish making it perfect for either thick or thin tea. The bowl measures 3 1/4” in height and the diameter is 4 1/2”. The mikazuki (crescent moon) foot is 2 3/8” in diameter and the weight is 15oz. The bowl comes with an original paulownia wood signed box and original paper in Japanese about the potter and Bizen ceramics. The box reads “Bizen Yaki Chawan, Juyondai Chojuro Yukei Saku.” The upper right stamp looks like “hon gama” (original kiln) and the lower left stamp is “Yukei.” The bowl is in very fine condition with no damage. The Chojuro kiln has been in operation for more than 300 years and this is a fine example of top class artistry by the 14th generation of the family. (inquiries email TeaArt@chanoyu.com)  SOLD


(Enso and Rooster Daitokuji Zen Tea Ceremony Scroll) This is a very interesting Japanese tea ceremony Zen scroll of a rooster whose tail becomes an enso. There are stories of Zen practitioners attaining englightenment with the crow of the rooster. The character in the center of the enso reads “kotobuki” (auspiciousness/congratulations). The scroll measures approximately 21 1/2” X 46” and the paper part with the writing is 12 7/8” X 20 1/2”. The scroll is signed to the left side of the character “kotobuki” “zen daitoku mitsurei (or mitsugon?). “Zen daitoku” refers to a Daitokuji line Rinzai Zen priest. The top square red stamp looks like “rei sho zan”? The age of the scroll is unknown. There is one light crease on the upper right side of the paper that can be seen in the photographs. It comes with an older unsigned paulownia wood box. (inquiries email TeaArt@chanoyu.com)  SOLD



(Japanese Tea Ceremony Zen Daitokuji Scroll Waterfall) This is a very nice Japanese tea ceremony Zen scroll written by Hasegawa Kanshu (d.1985) who was the former abbot of the Sangenin Zen Temple at Daitokuji in Kyoto. The scroll reads “taki” (“waterfall”). It is signed “murasakino kanshu”. Murasakino refers to Daitokuji. The scroll measures 12 3/4” X 71” and the paper part with writing is 11 3/4” X 39 3/4”. The scroll has a very nice mounting and is in very good condition with some very very light toning. The scroll has a slight inward curve in the mounting. The scroll ends are brown lacquer in the “bachi” or bowl style. The scroll comes with an unsigned paulownia wood box and is probably 30 to 40 years old.
(inquiries email TeaArt@chanoyu.com) SOLD



(Roji Path) This is a very nice aquatint etching by San Francisco Japanese artist, and Japanese tea ceremony teacher, Kimika Takechi. It is of a roji path scene in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony garden. She has had many art shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and is in many private collections. This print is from the artists collection. It measures 4 11/16" X 6 13/16" on a 10 7/8" X 11 1/8" paper. It is edition 86/100 and is signed by the artist and dated 1987 and is in mint condition. (Large Images)    (inquiries email TeaArt@chanoyu.com)  $125


(Tantansai Konomi Nami Shippo Chawan) This is a fine Kyoyaki teabowl by the Kyoto potter Kyuho and is approximately 50+ years old. It is the konomi (preferred or design) of Tantansai, the Urasenke 14th Head Tea Master (1893-1964) and is called "Nami Shippo". The bowl measures approx. 2 7/8" in height and 4 7/8" in diameter. It has the design of fish, lobster and whirlpool as well as silver and blue waves in a gold rim design. The box is kiri (paulownia) wood. Tantansai has signed under the lid of the box from (r to l): "Kyuho zo, Nami Shippo Chawan, Konomi, Konnichishu and his cipher". The bottom of the box is signed by the potter: "Kyuho zo and his stamp". Kyuho has also used his incised stamp on the inside of the foot of the bowl. There are 2 very tight hairlines that were difficult to photograph. One is approx. 7/8" inside the bowl and extends over the lip and 3/8" outside. The other is approx. 3/4" inside the bowl and extends over the lip and 1/8" outside. These hairlines are very tight and there are no chips associated with them. There is also one very tiny natural kiln glaze pop inside the bottom of the bowl. (NOTE - The bowl is perfectly fine to make and drink tea from.) The colors are very nice and the overall condition shows minimal use wear. The bowl has been checked with a black light and there are no visible repairs.
(Large Images)         (inquiries email TeaArt@chanoyu.com)  $950