Tea Times August & September 2001



Chanoyu has been referred to as the "Japanese Tea Ceremony" for many years but the word literally means hot water for tea. The simple art of Chanoyu is a synthesis of many traditional Japanese arts including Zen.

We conduct ongoing weekly classes in the Urasenke tradition of Chanoyu from beginner to advanced levels. Classes are open to anyone who desires to learn more about this peaceful Japanese art.

Please telephone or Email us to make arrangements to visit a class and have a bowl of tea.


WAGASHI CLASS (sweet making)

DATE - Friday, Aug. 24, 2001

TIME - 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

FEE - $30

This traditional wagashi, Japan-ese sweet making, class will feature ohagi and misomatsukaze. Ohagi is made with steamed glutinous rice and an, sweet bean paste. Ohagi is traditionally served during the spring and autumn equinoxes as well as other Japanese festivals. Three varieties of ohagi will be made including an, sweet bean paste, aonori, green sea laver, and kinako, roasted soybean flour. Miso-matsukaze, is a steamed cake like sweet made with miso, soy bean paste.

This class will include both demonstration and hands-on practice. The freshly made sweets and tea will be served at the end of the class. Easy to follow recipes will also be provided. No prior experience is necessary.


CHABANA WORKSHOP (flower arranging for tea)

DATE - Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2001

TIME - 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

FEE - $30

Chabana, the art of flower arranging for Chanoyu, will be the focus of this hands-on workshop. Chabana has deep roots in the more stylized Ikebana arrangements. This simpler style was used in the tearoom by early tea masters when they invited guests for tea.

This workshop will include a discussion of the principles of chabana as well as an overview of the various styles of vases and baskets that can be used. Seasonal flowers will be featured during this workshop. Participants will enjoy guided practice in making seasonal arrangements. Sweets and tea will be served at the conclusion of the workshop.



DATE - Saturday, Sept. 8, 2001

TIME - 4 p.m.

FEE - $50

Choyo no sekku, the chrysanthe- mum festival, will be the feature of this seasonal tea. This festival is celebrated in Japan on September 9, and is one of the gosekku, five ancient festivals of Japan. This festival of Chinese origin may have been celebrated in Japan from the 8th century. It was customary to mix chry- santhemum petals with sake, rice wine, to bring good health and long life. Rubbing chrysanthemum dew collected on cotton cloth on ones body was thought to bring eternal youth. The custom of exhibiting large chrysanthemum displays originated in the Court and continues today through-out Japan.

Traditional seasonal sweets, tea and a tenshin style kaiseki meal will be served. This event is open to anyone wishing to enjoy Japanese culture through Chanoyu, the tea ceremony. No prior experience is necessary.


WAGASHI CLASS (sweet making)

DATE - Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2001

TIME - 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

FEE - $30

This wagashi, Japanese sweet making, class will feature autumn sweets. Included will be koimo and suhama. Koimo, taro potato, is made from a kneaded sweet bean paste called konashi. The sweet is hand formed to look like the small taro potato served during the moon viewing festival. Suhama is a dry sweet made by kneading roasted soy bean flour with gyuhi, a sweet rice paste.

This class will be mostly hands on. The freshly made sweets and tea will

be served at the end of the class. Easy to follow recipes will also be provided. No prior experience is necessary.


Please Email teatimes@chanoyu.com, for more information or to make reservations. Advance payment by mail will confirm your telephone reservations. As space is limited, cancellations must be made not later than 5-days before each event to receive a refund. Thank you.

Kimika Takechi & Larry Tiscornia