11th San Francisco Kagetsu Koryu
DATE - Sunday, February 19 - TIME: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Fee $60
Location - Nichibeikai Culture Center, 1759 Sutter St., SF

This 11th kagetsu koryu exchange will bring Urasenke tea practitioners together to share the enjoyment of tea through kagetsu. The day's kagetsu will include hira kagetsu, sumi tsuki kagetsu, kininkiyotsugu koicha tsuki kagetsu, sanyu no shiki and mugon nagekomi kagetsu. A bento box lunch and beverage will be provided to all participants. A basic knowledge of ro hira kagetsu is necessary to participate. You may also attend as an observer. Advance reservations are necessary.

* Please Email teatimes@chanoyu.com, for more information or to make reservations. Advance payment by mail will confirm your email reservations.Thank you.

Kimika Takechi & Larry Tiscornia